TEDDY LIM H.T is a property agent / real estate salesperson with more than 12 years experience in the property market. All the time with ERA Realty Network.

Prior to joining as a real estate person, Teddy had been in the Multinational companies, Private and Public sectors for 35 years. Wide experience in the Biomedical, Electronics and Local companies.

Teddy is also a seasoned investor too. Had and has been investing mainly in Singapore and foreign properties. Had successfully gone through two enblocs and spearheading a new enbloc opportunity. In my pipeline, I have new project launches, resale properties, Singapore hotels, restaurants and shophouses for sale.

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I would like to share with you on the following topics:-
i) Where are we heading in the property market.
ii) What to look for when buying a property
iii) What are the opportunities available in the property new launches and the resale market.
iv) If you are planning to sell a property, do talk to me first. I have all the amazing tools on latest transactions and Tower View of your development.

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Teddy Lim.
Founder, SGPropguru.

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